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*HELP* Humming noise coming from subwoofer when braking and randomly when driving...
25.11.17 11:01
*HELP* Humming noise coming from subwoofer when braking and randomly when driving...

Normally I'd search the forums, but this problem is one of a kind because I've had 4 different people completely rewire the entire car system. The system I have now was professionally wired (a 3,000 job with full sound system) and everything works flawlessly except for the random humming from the subwoofer. And by humming I mean it plays a very low and loud bass note that isnt in any song and even plays it when there is no song playing. It will pulse on and off in intervals of a few seconds. It usually happens when I brake, but can happen completely randomly. Sometimes it throbs like random bass notes, sometimes it happens once and goes away. Usually happens during a part of a song with no bass, or when there is no music playing period. Ive changed everything including the subwoofer but maybe Ive missed something. It is not the RCA cables, it is not the amp (went through 5 of them), it is not the high low, it is not the feed (tapped into speaker and the bass feed).

Car is a:
2016 Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8 with Harmon Kardon sound system stock. The current amp is a fosgate class d and the two subwoofers (which have been in 2 of my cars and now are just a tad banged up from moving and what not) are MTX 12s

For More You Can Check:
whiteboard animation explainer

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