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Not sure where to start troubleshooting
25.11.17 11:06
Not sure where to start troubleshooting

Ive been running some new speakers and sub for a few months now and everything's been great and as expected. A few days ago it started to play music oddly and i cant find anything online about the same type of thing, hoping someone here can help.

A little hard to explain so bear with me ill do my best.
The music starts to cut in and out but it never stops playing like if i had a loose wire or something, its not a static noise or even a noise at all. It always plays music but mid sentance or word will start to cut out and come back rapidly making the music sort of choppy. Here and there randomly it plays perfectly normal and clear, probably 50/50 clear/choppy at this point.
it is both speakers doing it exactly the same all the time. I did not replace my head unit and have not gotten around to getting an amp to run the speakers.
My sub sounds great through all of this.

Are my new speakers shot? Im just not sure where i should start with the troubleshooting if someone could point me in a good direction that'd be much appreciated

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